“He wants space” – Pundit has ‘seen some signs of the talent’ in Chelsea player

One Chelsea player is getting better and better after a struggling season at times, and a pundit has spotted that he really does have some signs of talent coming through now.

It’s been a struggling season overall for Chelsea this year, with the team sitting in 9th position in the league table. However it is spun, that is never going to be anywhere near good enough for Chelsea. They can still end the season strong though, and one Chelsea player still thinks they will. But it’s been hugely inconsistent, and that has also taken it’s toll and rubbed off on the players individually.

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Nicolas Jackson is raw, but there is certainly some signs of quality there. And BBC pundit Michael Brown thinks he is getting better and better.

The BBC Sport pundit said: “I have watched Nicolas Jackson this season and he’s missed opportunity after opportunity. Then, he has scored a few goals and has been a threat.

“Against Manchester City, when the ball was spun in behind I thought ‘now I’ve seen what he is about’. That was when I realised he wants space to spin into and find good areas. I thought he was a threat all game.

“He is going to get better. I just also think a team that is not always doing too well does not help a player trying to be the focal point at the top of the pitch. There is a lot of room for improvement but we have seen some signs of the talent that is expected.”

Jackson is 22 now, so he isn’t a teenager and is a fully grown adult. However, before he arrived at Chelsea he had not had too much experience playing senior football in a top league, so he did arrive at the club very raw and inexperienced.

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