How Chelsea will earn €50m windfall very soon and can triple it to €150m

Chelsea are going to soon be earning €50m from doing nothing at all, and they even have a chance to double that windfall to €100m!

It sounds too good to be true, but according to a report yesterday, it’s a fact!

Sources: Manager names on Chelsea’s shortlist to replace Mauricio Pochettino revealed!

As we know, Chelsea will be participating in the 2025 Club World Cup, a competition that they recently won after winning the Champions League in 2021.

The tournament, which Chelsea won in its current format in 2022, will from June 2025 be played every four years and will be for 32 teams.

Europe has 12 of those places, with four of them for Champions League winners in each of the four years leading up to 2025, which includes Chelsea as the 2021 winners.

So that’s how Chelsea get to play in this competition in 2025, and it’s a competition that should not be played down at all and has huge financial benefits from being able to play in it.

According to the reliable Łukasz Bączek, each club will receive €50m just for participating in the competition, and the winner will receive €100m! So if Chelsea somehow manage to win it again in 2025, they would collect €150m!

This would obviously be huge for the club especially with the Financial Fair Play Rules and Profit and Sustainability Rules always being a thing to consider for all clubs.

Chelsea will also have the rest of this season and part of next to grow even more as a team and for the players to mature, so maybe, just maybe they will have a fair chance of doing something in this competition. But even the fact they are going to get €50m just by participating in the competition, is a decent financial win for the club and for the owners regardless of how far they get in it.

Lets hope for another triumph!



  1. Chelsea FC wouldn’t get that big amount of money for doing nothing, no. They were Champions of Èurope and the world in 2021 at club level. We just have to congratulate Chelsea for the job well done

  2. Its no for free,they deserve it bse they are european winners and it doesn’t happen for free

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