“I want to feel” – Enzo Fernandez believes he’s yet to show his full potential with Chelsea

Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez believes he is yet to show his full potential since joining Chelsea well over a year ago now.

The World Cup winner has taken quite a bit of criticism mainly from the media, but also from a small section of Chelsea fans as well. They think he’s not been good enough yet, and it seems that Enzo does agree with his critics, to an extent anyway.

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He had an amazing summer before joining Chelsea, playing superbly well to help his country Argentina become World Champions. And of course, when you are a World Cup winner and you cost over £100m, expectations are always going to be super high.

Chelsea on the whole have not been good enough at all, so there is a collective element here in this as well. Enzo has also already played under multiple different managers at the club.

‘I’m trying to get there, to the version of me that you saw at the World Cup,’ Enzo explains via the Chelsea website today. ‘I want to feel like that Enzo, that was playing at the World Cup. I want to get back there.

‘I feel good, getting better each day, but I still don’t feel like I’m at 100 per cent. I’m still adapting and still don’t feel entirely myself, but I’m trying to get there as quickly as possible and working hard every day in order to do so.

‘It won’t be easy because the World Cup has been and gone, and I’m still growing as a player and developing my skills, but I’m looking for that Enzo. I want to feel completely myself again.

‘The first six months were difficult for me. I found it hard to adapt but now I feel so much more prepared than at the start. But I’m enjoying it so much.

‘Maybe personally I’m still not 100 per cent and don’t feel like I’ve shown my potential, but beyond that I love being at a club as big as Chelsea, enjoying the Premier League every weekend with the fans that are so passionate. I love being here.’

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