(Image): Latest “leaked” Chelsea kit reveals a return to running theme

Footy Headlines are the official unofficial “leakers” of new kits, and they’ve just given up a peek at Chelsea’s kit for next year.

Like many recent efforts, it’s got orange and mint tones which call back to some of our retro strips. We don’t mind that – but we’re not sure why they’re doing it every year now. Even if it changes significantly from this preview, it doesn’t look likely to be a classic.

The fact that it’s sponsor-less is another reminder that we still don’t have our front of shirt sponsor sorted for next season. The Infinite Athlete deal for this year could yet be extended, but there’s been no talk of that.

Let’s hope we don’t have to go through the embarrassment of having to play several months without one again next year. The promises from this ownership that they would sort out our commercial side have already been proved embarrassingly wrong.

You can see the “leaked” kit in the image embedded here:

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