(Image): What Moises Caicedo did to Nicolas Jackson after penalty incident

Chelsea midfielder Moises Caicedo was just another unhappy watcher-on as Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke fought to try and take a penalty against Everton on Monday night.

The blues won the game 6-0 and were 4-0 up when they got awarded a penalty. Cole Palmer has been Chelsea’s flawless penalty taker this season so naturally headed to take it. But he was met with resistance from both Jackson, who apparently had a reason for wanting the penalty, and Madueke who wanted to take the penalty instead, both looking to add to their stats this season.

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It was an embarrassing incident, one that manager Mauricio Pochettino said he was unhappy about after the game. But it wasn’t just him and the Chelsea fan base either.

Midfielder Caicedo was seen giving Jackson a bit of a talking to after the game, as seen in the image below, and frankly, it is great to see him telling Jackson off. I believe the pair are pretty close in the squad, so it seems Caicedo was disappointed in his pal.



  1. Nicholas Jackson is simply not good enough for the premiership. He’s a championship player at best. All these injured players with long term injuries are a joke. Really just get them fit and move them on , and that includes Reece James. They are just a liability now and if they cant do more than 3 games without being out for months, whats the point !! How can any manager choose a squad with players always injured ?

    1. The above comments is absolutely spot on. Those traditional long- injury players constitute a drag on the team’s fortunes. Is it just ill- luck or their style of play that makes them prone to injuries?

    2. Do you watch him play or are you just saying this because you’ve seen this incident. If you do watch him play, then you probably wouldn’t be saying this.

  2. Nicholas Jackson is In his first season for Chelsea,he has done well compared to others, give him time,he will deliver

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