(Image): Young Chelsea fan holds up pitiful sign which sums up embarrassing performance

As Arsenal rattled in their 5th goal against Chelsea, the TV broadcast cut to a fan with the most damning sign imaginable.

In the style of the handmade posters that children often hold up these days to request shirts, the youngster had a far more critical message.

“I don’t want your shirt, I just want you to fight for ours.”

It couldn’t have been more appropriately timed, as an utterly limp team happily let themselves get spanked by a side that are theoretically their rivals.

What’s hilarious (and tragic) about the whole situation is that there’s no way that kid (or, let’s face it, his dad) put that together at half time. That was pre-planned, knowing their team was about to brutally let them down. Well Mauricio Pochettino and his merry band didn’t disappoint expectations tonight.

We wonder if he had another sign planned for 6-0?

You can see the sign in question in the image embedded here:



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