Journalist says the nightmare is real for Chelsea after lack of shrewd spending

One journalist has hit the nail on the head this morning by admitting that ‘the nightmare is real’ for Chelsea right now and says they have lacked shrewd spending.

Obviously the report is centred around Chelsea’s 5-0 defeat to Arsenal and drawn on comparisons to the two clubs, or more accurately, the gulf between them.

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Mikel Arteta’s side are challenging for the league title and Chelsea have gifted them  a perfect chance to now go on and win it. Imagine that, Chelsea handing a gift to Arsenal, it should be unheard of.

But this Chelsea is not the Chelsea of recent past, this is a different Chelsea, one that they keep telling us is in a transition and we need to show patience for.

After all, Arsenal were in our position not so long ago, right? And now the look at the them?

The key difference though, they spent wisely and they build a squad, rather than just young individuals that may or may not come good and throw them altogether and expect them to perform.

Their recruitment has been shrewd, as ESPN‘s James Olley explains in his latest article.

‘What should embarrass Chelsea most is Arsenal are everything that they are not, Olley wrote.

‘Tuesday’s 5-0 thrashing at Emirates Stadium showcased the Gunners’ shrewd spending and stylish structure, a combination which threatens to push Manchester City the distance in the Premier League title race.

‘Mikel Arteta’s side have played two games more but they are now four points clear of third-placed City with Liverpool sandwiched in the middle, at least until City visit Brighton on Thursday. The Gunners can still dream.

‘For Chelsea, the nightmare is real. Tuesday night’s match rapidly descended into the sort of performance that gets managers the sack.’

He’s got this spot on entirely and highlights everything Chelsea have done wrong, and what Arsenal did right. Arsenal also have a very good tactical manager, Chelsea don’t.

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