“He has got me doing it” – Levi Colwill admits he learned a new habit from Axel Disasi

With no game until Monday night, Chelsea have some space to fill this weekend on their website, so they’ve gone with a nice feature about Levi Colwill and Axel Disasi and their budding friendship.

The pair have partnered up a few times at the back, and seem to have become great friends off the pitch too.

They spoke of their mutual playing understanding, what they get up to off the pitch, plus the habit that Disasi has been teaching Colwill when he reacts to good moments in his game:

“Axel is a great defender, great on the ball. I can always trust him if anything is going down his side – I know he’ll handle it,” Colwill said.

“Especially with him celebrating every tackle, it kind of lifts the whole team, lifts me and he has got me doing it a few times too! I do really enjoy playing next to him.”

Disasi had some kind words on his end too:

“Levi is so good you know. He’s someone that I like to joke with in training or in the locker room, but when we are out on the pitch, we feel the same energy together. The game against Man City was the perfect picture of this. We enjoyed celebrating tackles and blocking shots. I hope that in the future this connection will be great.’”

Learning from each other

It’s always good to hear these positive things about players getting on well, but we’re not sure how to feel about the celebrations. When we saw them wheeled out the first time it was enjoyable – we like to see a defender who loves defending.

But against Manchester United a couple of weeks ago, Disasi made a horrible gaffe, and was only just able to recover afterwards. He then did a big fist pump celebration when it was clearly not the moment.

We don’t want to be the fun police, but to us, nobody in a team which has conceded two or more goals for 7 games in a row should be doing too much celebrating about their tackles just yet.

Regardless, we just want Colwill fit again so he can play alongside Disasi at the back – that partnership did look like it had some promise.

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