Manager refuses to answer question on the future of current Chelsea player

One manager has refused to answer a question about the future of a current Chelsea player this week.

Although said player is a current Chelsea player, he is not currently playing at Chelsea this season, and his future is completely unclear right now.

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Armando Broja is one of those players who has had a really bad loan move this season, at least since he January when he joined Fulham on loan from Chelsea.

Broja has just not been playing for Marco Silva at Chelsea’s neighbouring club, and it’s been nothing short of a nightmare loan move for him, and for Chelsea, as his value will be decreasing ahead of Chelsea likely looking to sell him at the end of the season.

So what next for Broja this summer? Will Fulham try and sign him? Silva has been coy in his response to that question this week.

As cited by The Evening Standard, Silva says: “I will not talk about the future of Armando. He’s not our own player and it doesn’t depend only on us.”


  1. If you read the entire interview with Silva he talks about what a fan of Borja’s he is and how he tried to buy him outright. You call it a “nightmare” loan, but that’s more than a little bit of an overstatement. It’s not like Broja has fallen flat on his face or anything, it’s that the guy in front of him (Muniz) keeps scoring and, thus, Silva can’t drop him in favor of Broja.

    Instead of constantly overstating the facts or trying to cast them in the most negative/sensational light in order to generate clicks, how about just reporting the “news” thoroughly and more or less objectively? Is that too much to ask?

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