Player now “plans to return to Chelsea” and is already taking steps to help

A player is planning to return to Chelsea and is already taking steps to help such a move come to fruition, according to reports today.

It’s been a big day for Chelsea news already with some big breaking news coming out earlier on today.

Sources: Chelsea make contact with reps of new striker as deal for the summer progresses! 

That news bought tears to the eyes of many Chelsea fans, with fan favourite Thiago Silva confirming that he will be leaving the club at the end of this season when his current contract runs out.

Silva has been at the club for four years now and helped them win the Champions League back in 2021 under Thomas Tuchel.

It will be a sad day when he hopefully manages to step foot out on the Stamford Bridge turf one last time, but it might not be the end of the story between Chelsea and Silva.

That’s right, he will be back! Silva has already confirmed that he plans to return to Chelsea one day and this is not goodbye.

And that has been backed up by Fabrizio Romano, who reports Silva plans to return to Chelsea one day in non-playing role to be part of the club. He loves Chelsea and London, and it’s the same for his family and his kids, who are in the Academy at Chelsea. Silva had an important proposal from abroad in January but he rejected to help Chelsea until the end.

And according to Nizaar Kinsella of The Evening Standard, Silva is already taking steps to get prepared for the non-playing role that he wants to start one day fairly soon.

He says Silva is doing his UEFA B Coaching Licence and Pochettino used him on numerous occasions this season to communicate with his young squad.

It’s going to be an emotional moment when Silva leads the Chelsea team out for the last game of the season in his final appearance for the club.




    1. Not for me, not anymore. Disrupt I’ve, n plays politics too much. No longer considered a top coach.. The latest, see Roma!!

  1. What a legend! Thiago has been examplary in defence. We will surely miss him. He managed to do a lot at his age proving that with good discipline one can still ply competively and help youngsters cope with pressure of playing at a high level.

    1. Solid player. Hard-working and dedication…that’s Silva for you. We will miss him big time.

  2. Chelsea should not make mistakes to bring Jose Mourinho back to Chelsea. Because there is no good manager in the primership Manchester City think they can win every thing. Bring Jose back please Chelsea.

    1. What are you saying? I don’t understand you. You don’t want Jose then again you want him???

  3. Imagine having Silva as the captain through the season. Chelsea would have got a big figure to lead & guide the bunch of kids on parade now.

  4. Let us not mess up Chelsea Squad or Coach. Give Poch time with the guys. Bring in an experienced striker to assist and covert their efforts.
    With return of all injured players, the team will be sound!

    1. It’s meatloaf Boehly thats the problem along with Clown Lake capital. A model that cannot work without the integration experience players in the side.look at kai havards and others that were bombed out of the club.They have wrecked Chelsea that the Don Roman built. The bag is all these guys see

  5. Chelsea need to bring new medicals that can performed well because present chelsea medicals are not good enough and we need both victor osimhen and viktor Gyokeres or benjamin sesko in the attacking line

  6. Even accounting for injuries , Pochettino should have been good enough instead of the dross he comes up with , his formation/system has failed since day 1 only he doesn’t see it . A defence that has more holes in it then a colander 57 conceded so far , A £Bn squad he doesn’t know how to use , he’s out of his depth as Potter was

    1. Davy, completely agree with you. Poch was never a good choice. He’s not a great coach. At least not in EPL.
      Jackson needs to go, Enzo needs to start earning his paycheck, Mudryck should be moved to striker. He’s lost as a winger, but his speed can’t be denied. Badiashile out, Caicedo either stops losing or giving away the ball, or get rid of him. Gallagher, Palmer, Gusto, Cucurella are showing pride for the club in every game. Keep them. And for God’s sake don’t even think about Mourinho. Look at Simeone, or the Borussia current coach. Change the culture overnight.

    1. Too right. MP needs time, even the likes of the pundits and Glen Hoddle agree. The more you chop and change the worst it will get. Get rid of Boely he’s the cause of all the problems. Buying players he knows nothing about, spending unnecessarily.
      Leave Porch to do his job with the players of HIS choice. !!!!

  7. For me thiago is one of the best defenders i have ever seen i will realy miss him for the coach i think the club should give him more time maybe if he doesent meet the teams expectation js m will return to the club

  8. What a great player and the only leader of this team and without him they are going to struggle. I am sure he will come back to Chelsea one day as he will be an inspiration to all the youngsters at the club and is a true gentleman.
    John Dempsey Ex Chelsea Player

  9. Rome was not built in a day, let us give the coach poch and the young team time. Once the injured experienced players come back I feel things could change for the better. We need competent Medical staff who will help the players reduce the incidence of injuries and sustain their physical health on and off the field..

  10. Really, painful to let a leader depart out of bridge. Thiago silva, we shall miss him alot. We still need him to handle some department at chelsea again. And chelsea needs to sack pochetinho cause is teaching rubbish at our club, we need either amorim or Jose morinho

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