Pochettino continues to dig a hole for himself with latest round of quotes

It seems like every time Mauricio Pochettino speaks publicly lately, he just ends up digger a deeper hole for himself.

I wonder, does he even know what he is saying or how what he says is going to be received by the Chelsea fans? Because if he does, someone needs to step in and advise him better!

Sources: Chelsea’s new manager plans and Pochettino stance – Contact has been made this week!?

Many Chelsea fans wanted hims sacked a long time ago as the club continue to dig their heels in on keeping him. And whenever he speaks right now, it just makes the reasoning for those wanting him sacked grow even more.

His latest round of quotes just shows the weak mentality he has got and has gone down like a sack of potatoes falling from a 50-story high sky-scraper amongst the Chelsea fan base this morning.

He’s basically saying that Chelsea would struggle in Europe next season due to all the injuries we have.

Mauricio Pochettino: “To have targets is always good. But to have a target it is to have all the elements. With all the circumstances [injuries], it’s about trying to be competitive, not to put objectives that maybe you will get very frustrated if you don’t win some games [that you should].

“Imagine if we’d played in Europe this season, with all the circumstances [injuries]? Oh my goodness. With a squad that is always between eight and 10 players missing in every single game. If you add more games, we would struggle a lot.”

Good god!



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