Pochettino could walk away, Nagelsmann off the list, interim possible – Chelsea on the edge of manager chaos

Things still seem relatively calm at Chelsea, despite the bad results.

Mauricio Pochettino is in charge, and all indications are that he will be until the end of the season, and probably beyond. There are no signs of dissent from the dressing room, the manager diligently backs the owners and their decisions when asked, and there doesn’t feel like immediate pressure, even as we stumble towards another mid-table finish.

But under the surface, things don’t seem as pretty. Simon Phillips’ Substack article about the manager situation reveals some nasty creatures if you turn over the stones at Stamford Bridge.

Firstly, on the subject of Mauricio Pochettino, Phillips doesn’t rule out the idea that he will leave of his own accord – “sources are not ruling out Pochettino walking away,” and there are apparently “some whispers of unhappiness from his camp.”

We can understand why, if he thinks he’s been hamstrung or just hung out to dry by those making decisions above him.

Potential replacements and interim emergency

If he were to go, we can rule out Julien Nagelsmann replacing him. The piece claims that he and the Chelsea suits interviewing him “didn’t see eye to eye,” and Phillips would be “shocked” if Chelsea went for him again. With so many big jobs opening up this summer, that doesn’t leave us many options, and one can see why sticking with Pochettino is the preferred tactic.

But there are “contingency plans,” not something you want to hear in any circumstances. If “results are dire” and we’re knocked out of the FA Cup, “an interim appointment could still be made to see the season out.”

That sounds very much like a last resort – although if we keep dropping points against teams in the relegation zone, the last resort could come around sooner than expected.


  1. Zidane is d right manager 4 Chelsea F.C. If Chelsea can allow him bring in d players he thinks can improve the current squad, sell Sterling, Jackson, Lukaku, Ziyech, Broja, Ugochukwu, Sarr, & other players dat aren’t doing well 4 yrs, then we can be a force 2 reckon with again. The squad lacks d right manager, role model players ( quality experienced players) & is easy 2 play against, they can’t mark well, create & execute chances ( few players with heads & hearts of great players).

  2. The squad jus need the right manage and a few experienced players. I have faith in this team. With the right manager we will be a force

  3. In the circumstance of Pochetino’s appointment it looked okay. But reviewing it critically it’s a mismatch. Poch’s success record doesn’t fit Chelsea’s pedigree.

    1. He must go …where are all the players cant be all enjoured no …Fofana James Kuku. no we are having big problem..those player’s can’t shoot out side the box no cross balls…lazy no 9.. full back too .many touches .they dont go forward with the ball…no …no not good Shem..bye bye manager P….

  4. Chelsea has no coach, to me b/c more than 3 or 4 occasions . Chelsea is on the verge of claiming the 3 point and one player alway s spoil the show and as a coach you cannot detect him among your players . Player like Badiashile is not even ripe to play in the premier League, talkless of playing for Chelsea. check your match video.

  5. This article is trading in nothing but rumours, lol! And even those are qualified to a degree that one questions whether they’re worth the proverbial “paper” they’re “printed” on!

    The facts remain…. We’ve made a cup final and semifinal. We’ve lost only one league match since February. The players still back the manager. There’s loads of inconsistency to overcome, but there’s no reason to be panicking at this point. Yet Chelsea News seem intent on exploiting any opportunity to undermine Pochettino. It’s a sad, sad statement on what qualifies as a Chelsea “supporter” these day (let alone what qualifies as “journalism”).

  6. It sickens me that there are so many people out there trying to profit from sharing their own stupid/sensationalist theories and trying to start rumours citing “sources”, and passing it off as “news”.
    Any sane person knew this season would be difficult in the circumstances, yet these idiots get hysterical about the situation on a daily basis. I wish 90% of our fans would just shut up.

  7. Every time we play with Jackson it’s the same as playing with 10 men ….better to play with 10…at least we can have an excuse for poor results

  8. Honestly Chelsea have all it takes to play best but I think there’s a misunderstanding with regards to the coach strategies and what the players really want.

    At the moment Poch’s ideas are somewhat vague and futile. There’s the issue of physicality,technicality and lack of ideas observed in the previous Chelsea games.

    Beginning with the defence, I think cucurela can work well with a 4-3-3 formation at the moment.He’s really good but lacks the vivacity of tackling one on one opponents. A 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 can work best for him.

    Second, we don’t have a number 10 to compete with Gallagher. Ever since the departure of Pulisic, Felix,Hervetz, our attacking has some void.

    Jackson doesn’t attack like Hervetz, despite he’s not showing any singns of improvement even after having plenty of game time.Honestly it’s frustrating to see Fofana thriving at Burnley while we are still struggling with Jackson.

    A closer look at Chelsea departures, I mean Pulisic, Auber, Loftus, Odoi etc, all this players are performing well in different clubs.

    I wouldn’t blame the durectors, they’ve put in all the resources required to better the team but I think the coach hasn’t gotten his hands dirty as we all expected.

    It’s normal to have errors but if they aren’t fixed at all, the ruin the club.At this rate Pitch should be having his first 11,fine there are numerous injuries but that’s not an excuse.

    Chelsea should not sign more than three players next season, in fact Poch should work with what he has..Mudryk is a top quality player who just need a coach that’ll groom and help him unleash the”Hazard” in him.

    Poch is just being too soft and incompetent

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