Portuguese source’s huge Chelsea manager claims likely to be confirmed or denied within 24 hours

Sport Witness have this afternoon translated crazy reports from Pedro Sepulveda in Portugal which claim that Sporting manager Ruben Amorim’s already infamous flight to London last week was not to meet West Ham (as was reported) but in fact to meet Chelsea.

The claim is that Mauricio Pochettino is on the way out, and that the Sporting coach was brought to London to meet Chelsea board members, with the rumour that it was West Ham he was meeting spread around to cover our tracks.

Sepulveda, who has 87,000 followers, claims that Chelsea paid for the flight, which seems oddly specific but really just seems to mean they arranged the trip.

As always, we don’t take anything too seriously until it’s been reported by one of the more reliable insiders. That’s not to say that smaller local journalists don’t often get the scoop and then we see it amplified by the big names, it’s just that it’s hard to put too much into it when not even the ravenous Fabrizio Romano hasn’t jumped on it yet.

So strange it might be true

In some ways, it’s such a strong claim to make that it’s almost more believable. We know Amorim came to England to meet an English club, and all of the top journalists have been led to believe it was West Ham. Could that all possibly come from rumours spread by Chelsea who were really the ones meeting him? It’s possible, but it would require some next level deception.

We’re not going to take any of this too seriously until we’ve got bigger and better sources backing it up. Surely a claim this big will generate enough attention to either be confirmed or denied by top sources, so it’s only a matter of time until we find out. We’d be stunned if we go even 6 hours, let alone 24, without Romano or someone similar wading in to clear things up.

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