“Priceless” Chelsea player has “accepted” club don’t want him as contract situation becomes untenable

Everything we hear on the Conor Gallagher front for months has been preparing us for the fact that he’s going to be leaving Chelsea.

No contracts have been put on the table, and the £40m or so raised by his sale has already been accounted for in our previous wave of spending. Chelsea fans hoping that things could turn around at the last minute are starting to realise that’s not the direction things are heading.

HITC backs that story up by saying that even Gallagher is “starting to accept” that he’s going to have to leave Chelsea. The Blues apparently value him at £50m, but it feels unlikely they will get it, given everyone knows they’re desperate to sell.

Mauricio Pochettino has made it clear how much he rates him, but it seems that the desperate financial situation is overriding the manager’s wishes:

“I think he is a player with a great commitment to the team,” the coach said earlier this year.

“He is always trying to compensate in every situation, in offensive and defensive situations. It’s priceless to have a player like him.”

A sorry state of affairs

Much like with Mason Mount’s situation a year ago, it just seems incredible that things have reached this stage. A popular home grown player who can bring so much to the first team has had to “accept” that he’s going to be sold by the club he grew up with, and the club he wants to play for.

All of this is in order to financially accommodate new arrivals who don’t show any of the same desire on the pitch that he does. The whole thing is completely backwards, and the departure of Gallagher is another obvious step in the wrong direction from sporting directors who are bungling their handling of this squad and its future in real time.


  1. Like Salah, De Bruyne, Willian, Mount, etc. Chelsea should have learnt her lesson by now
    Leave Gallagher alone or sell him and regret!

  2. Gallagher should not leave Chelsea at any cost he is the best ever player I have seen performing better in our team

    1. Unfortunately money rules, little thought given to where they want Chelsea to be next season. Too often Chelsea have let excellent players go only for them to excel at their new club….fans must wonder at the attitude of the management, the club is lucky that the fans stay loyal, which you can’t say for certain of the behind the scene people…

      1. Seems like it’s a usual short term fix. Why is it we feel the need to get rid of Gallagher just to help balance the books. I get it’s about pure profit, but that’s not going to help us long term. We’ve plenty of other home grown players on loan that I’m sure we could sell that would balance the books. That’s not to mention one of our 1st team players on a reported 350k a week, who is not performing at all. Sick and tired of the way this club is being handled. We’re being run into the ground.

    2. Please,am still believe that things will turn around,let us see what next season will look like before we will regrate again.Let him stay.

    1. Yet again, an owner who has no idea what he’s doing… this isn’t FIFA Football Manager Boehly…. recoup whatever you can from likes of Lavia, Caceido, Cucarella…. give Gallagher what he wants….. we will regret selling him when others don’t put a fraction of the effort on the pitch

      1. Yea, I heard Gallagher is asking something just in excess of 150k. That’s nothing compared to Sterling on the reported 350k who hasn’t performed at all. I’ve not seen a player like Gallagher who week in week out puts in the shift. The last recent players I remember who bled blue were JT and Lamps. Give him what he’s asking for. He’s home grown, loves the club, supports the club, believes in the club. Make it work.

  3. These guys[Boelly & co] are not here to do football. They’re here to have fun and any crazy decisions that gets the media attention is what they do for funfair.

  4. Totally ridiculous selling Conor Gallagher he’s totally committed to Chelsea another bad decision.

  5. I do not understand the modus operandi of yhis ownership. Why spent millions on Enzo and caceidoor whatever his name is, when we have great young players in the team . Why sell Joginho and Kovasic who should have been an inspiration to the young lads. Now you want to let Gallagher, Chalobah, Matsen go. Please rethink, otherwise you will lose all your fans.

  6. This is on numerous times unthinkable and indeed not agreeable, Chelsea’s own raised Conor n Maartsen are incredibly great players while in the making n have proved so selling then to bring incoming players to the team will be a total dismare.! Rethink hard Boehly or else this team ain’t your home Bowling alley.

  7. After Ngolo Kante left the club then Covacic, Gallagher is the only player i see playing 4 the badge,he gives us Ngolo vibes

  8. Just like many of the premier clubs, they rely too much on foreign players as opposed to developing academy players. All you have to do is check on the “”sold players” and compare them to the foreign imports, can you guarantee these imports will give the club passion as well as ability?

  9. Please,am still believe that things will turn around,let us see what next season will look like before we will regrate again.Let him stay.

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