Report: Chelsea players like Mauricio Pochettino because they can hide behind him

According to a report today, Chelsea’s current players like Mauricio Pochettino because he shields them from criticism.

It seems this lot like the fact that they can hide behind their manager when he does public interviews and decides not to speak honest truths about how bad his players have been when they get smashed 5-0 by Arsenal.

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And now, the players do not want Pochettino sacked, according to a report from The Evening Standard. Well, I guess they like the fact that he isn’t going to give any of them hair dryer treatment and just wants to be best pals with them all.

The report claims Pochettino is well-regarded by most of the dressing room, with players keen for some much-needed stability after two years of constant change and disruption at Chelsea.

There is an appreciation among the young squad that Pochettino has shielded them from criticism and worked to foster team spirit in group of new players from different countries.

The many different languages spoken in the squad have led to cliques in the dressing room, but Pochettino still has the backing of most players.

It’s easy isn’t it when you don’t have to take any accountability or responsibility for being 9th in the league and putting on a terrible performance?

There’s something to be said about tough love and handing out some discipline, as long as that is coupled with praise and shielding from the pressure when it is needed. The balance is key, Pochettino is just Mr Nice guy and for me that will never work.

These are not teenagers, they are grown adults, they need to stand up and be counted as well as the manager does. Fans don’t want to hear excuses, they want to hear home truths and what is going to be done about it.



  1. Pochettino is out of his depth , a system that has failed all season , he is technically inept . he only plays one formation , he has more excuses then idea’s a poor mans Potter /Lampard

  2. Again, i agree with the article saying Chelsea players are weak, they hide behind Ponchetino!

    The senior players need to reshuffled. There are many up and coming excellent young players who need to be brought to fore front and played.

    I hope the next season will see a new manager and owner in order for Chelsea regain a good position in the Premier League table. Amen

  3. Pochettino be fired because he hides the poor performance of his players. He has no other ideas and has failed to deliver. His lineup selection is very very poor. He does not know how to read the game. He has good players but he does not give them chance to play. The player like Casadei, Washington, just mention a few. He sticks on failed players like Jackson. Let him go. He is hurting us.

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