Report suggests Mauricio Pochettino’s future rests on one key thing this season

One report today has suggested that the future of Mauricio Pochettino will rest on one key thing for the rest of this season with the Blues head coach under huge amounts of pressure now.

Most Chelsea fans want him sacked, many wanted him gone months ago, and any who don’t want him sacked yet, are still pretty keen to see him gone at the end of the season. It’s important to say that not all Chelsea fans want him sacked though, but it is certainly the majority that do.

THREE sources stories: Chelsea drop U25 rule, Player sales – club ready to push through a large number of departures, Chelsea eyeing four new wingers with two up for sale!

Chelsea have not caved in to fan pressure yet and have stuck with their guns, probably trying to save face and not admit to more mistakes. But Pochettino is still in pace as Chelsea boss, somehow, and he will lead the team into the next match on Saturday night against Aston Villa.

The pressure is building though, and Football London believes that the last six matches are going to be key for Pochettino’s future.

They claim Pochettino will see his role as head coach reviewed by Chelsea at the end of the season. Chelsea still have a shot of qualifying for some form of European competition – which is believed to be one of the club’s objectives following Pochettino’s appointment.

Fabrizio Romano has also recently given his stance on Pochettino’s future from what his sources are saying.

Chelsea would have wanted Champions League football this season, make no mistake about that, and Pochettino is not going to achieve that now. There’s a chance of Europa League, and even more chance of Europa Conference League.

Even if we get any of the above, Pochettino should go regardless. He’s failed to create a connection with the fans, with the majority against him. His tactics are chaotic and open, and he is coaching a ridiculously leaky defence – which IS on the head coach I am afraid no matter how anyone wants to try and spin it.

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  1. Most of the Chelsea fan base hav never seen a footballing problem that couldn’t be fixed by a good sacking, lol! It worked so well last season, why not give it another go? Is that the logic? Brilliant!

    It would be pure stupidity if you ask me. Poch is experienced and has proven he can work (and win) at big clubs and , besides that, he’s got the players behind him. The squad may still be maddeningly inconsistent (which is to be expected from such a young group), but they’ve shown clear progress this year. So, why would you throw that all away? What manager (not named Pep or Juergen) do you honestly think could be getting more from the hand Poch has been dealt??? Do you seriously think De Zerbi or one of these other names being thrown around could walk into the Chelsea pressure cooker and whip this group or 22-23 year olds into league winners? No way!

    And let’s be honest, expecting ANY manager to come in and transform a squad this young in under 18-24 months is nuts. The fan base have had unrealistic expectations of this rebuild all along, and this constant agitation for another sacking is infantile (especially when the list of replacement names would all be less proven and less experienced than the current manager!).

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