“Several” Chelsea players “told the club’s board” they want Pochettino sacked says unbelievable report which may still have some important truths

It’s been an absolutely bleak week all around for Chelsea fans as their excitement in returning to Premier League action with the prospect of a positive end to the season punctured instantly by a shocking result against Burnley.

One thing we’ve maintained all year so far is that, despite fans starting to lose faith, the players have been behind Mauricio Pochettino all the way. It’s not just what they say, it’s also how they behave. His reputation as a top man manager is well earned. Compare this situation to a year ago, when Graham Potter was fired, and you see a world of difference in how much support remains for an under fire coach in a very similar position.

But patience won’t last forever, and today is the day we’ve heard the first whispers of discontent.

Whispers of discontent

TeamTalk carry the story that “several Chelsea players” have “told the club’s board they want to see Mauricio Pochettino sacked.”

Now we don’t believe this is literally true .Firstly because the atmosphere still seems good, and Pochettino appears to still have the group onside. Plus it’s hard to even imagine which players this would be. This isn’t the old school dressing room full of international captains and serial league winners. Who in this group is realistically going to have the stones to go to the board and asked for their coach to be sacked? It doesn’t add up.

But what we do believe is that this is the first serious sign of discontent, and that the longer this goes on, the more believable stories like this become. If the rumours go unchecked, things can spiral out of control very quickly.

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