Social media post from Chelsea player’s family member comes back to haunt Pochettino

This have suddenly turned toxic again for Chelsea after some recent results and performances papered over the glaringly obvious cracks.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side were embarrassed by Arsenal last night, who breezed past them winning 5-0 without even having to use any effort. Chelsea were shocking, and it was so easy to score against them.

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It’s been a season like that really for Chelsea. A few bad games and performances followed by a couple of good ones. One step forward, two back, so much inconsistency. Most fans have seen how bad it is all season, but some have been hanging on to those ‘one step forward’ moments in the hope that we had hit a turning point. But that turning point has still not arrived, and Blues fans are calling for the manager and others at the club to be sacked.

They are unhappy with Pochettino, and unhappy with the decision makers squad building, or lack of it.

They perhaps should have listened to Thiago Silva’s wife back in February where she blatantly called for Pochettino to be sacked then. And this post, via X, have been resurfacing again today on the timeline with some Blues fans reposting it.

Belle Silva was at it again last night after the Arsenal defeat, although she was a bit more reserved and just posted some monkey faces emojis after the thrashing.

I mean, you do not need to be a genius to know what she is talking about here once again, and you have to then question whether all of the Chelsea players truly are as happy as we keep hearing that they are with Pochettino right now, or whether that has all just been another big PR push.

Chelsea face Aston Villa on Saturday night, and if they lose that one, things will turn very ugly.

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