“Then the chaos starts” – Former Chelsea player details issues with current team

One former Chelsea player has detailed what he believes are some of the issues with the current team, and the things he has said is very hard to disagree with.

Chelsea are not where they want to be right now, and performances and results this season under Mauricio Pochettino have been far from good enough, and many Chelsea fans cannot see things getting much better anytime soon.

EXCLUSIVE! No surprise if Pochettino is given next season still, Amorim NOT under consideration, Interest in Ferguson, Osimhen, Sesko, & Nusa but Gyokeres NOT on agenda, Outgoings, PSR, Stadium plans……

Florent Malouda played in one of the most ever successful Chelsea teams so he knows what it takes to be part of a winning team.

He has drawn on the lack of leadership and mentality in this young Chelsea squad and how their heads drop and they fold over in games really easily. He’s completely spot on too, we have all seen it far too many times and once again we are speaking about a Chelsea team that lacks mentality.

“I was at Stamford Bridge watching the Leicester game in the FA Cup, Chelsea were playing with a lot of intensity, and everything looked brilliant until it wasn’t,” Malouda said as cited by SPTC. “It only takes one mistake to knock the confidence out of this Chelsea team and then the chaos starts.

“The Chelsea players need to develop a capacity to control their emotions on the pitch. They don’t have the emotional balance that allows you to keep control of the game, and that is down to the composition of the squad. When you chose to focus on a project with mostly young players, you will always find this inconsistency because all of these players are learning at the same time.”

Well said, Florent, VERY well said.


  1. So why can’t the fans then accept that the squad composition is the primary factor in the poor results and quit asking for the manager’s head on a platter?

  2. It’s a young, young team, duh! But what’s still so puzzling is why so many supporters can’t just accept that we’re in for a bumpy ride instead of lashing out every week when the squad that shows up hasn’t miraculously transformed into a unit of grizzled veterans in the seven days since the last match, lol!

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