“They will” – Fabrizio Romano on Chelsea’s Mauricio Pochettino sacking decision

The pressure has cranked up once again on Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino after he saw his side get thrashed 5-0 by Arsenal on Tuesday night.

Many fans want him sacked, others think he should stay until the end of the season and then replaced, and a very small amount want him to stay even beyond the end of this season. Either way, fan pressure is high, and media pressure is also high.

Sources: Former Chelsea player still being considered for return to club

There was many reports out yesterday, some suggesting that Chelsea could now pull the plug on Pochettino in the summer, others are saying that the players liking Pochettino so much might save his job.

So really, it’s unclear at the moment what will happen at the end of the season and whether Chelsea will chose to stick or twist with the Argentine head coach.

But I think Fabrizio Romano’s version of events is the most accurate, and that is that the club have not made any actual decision on Pochettino’s future yet and will assess at the end of the season, but they are now unlikely to pull the plug anytime soon and he will at least see out the end of this season, which now only has 6 games remaining anyway.

Romano spoke last night on his Here We Go Podcast, he said: “The future of Mauricio Pochettino has not changed today! It was business as usual at Chelsea. They will give him the opportunity to go to the end of the season. Talkswill happen at the end of the season but nothing is imminent.”

So there you have it, the pressure is building and Chelsea will make a decision at the end of this season. Personally I think whether Chelsea make Europa League or not might make a slight difference but in reality, I feel like he could be gone now either way.


  1. Please let porchettino leave the club for us is not a right man if not show I will carry Chelsea go relegation next season go and him record he never collecte any trophy from England before he no get luck of winning trophy Chelsea nead head coach with experience

    1. It’s the owner that needs sacking !
      They’ve given him an impossible task by spend spend spend unnecessarily and not knowing what they are doing. Sack the lot

      1. The meres family kept us going for years.then ken bates.math harding would turn in his grave if he knew what those stupid americans are fu king up the club im suporting since the cockney cup final.alan lennon dublin.

      2. Players who were asking Pochettino to stay are lazy players because they know very well coming of a new Coach they will be on the bench so they prefer the lazy Pochettino

      3. I think sacking mauricio pochetinho is the right decision because Chelsea have now given him the best to prove himself but still cannot. We all saw what he did when at spurs

    2. I couldnt agree more with all the comments by the fans.

      I too feel Mauricio is NOT the right coach for Chelsea!!
      Since he was appointed, the team hsvent won anything, they lost almost all their, esp they got thrased by Arsenal shameful.

      Also, the players are not up to standard, regardless of new players bought!! What a waste of money.

      The owner should be considered unsuitable
      for Chelsea, regardless of his weath. New ownership is needed as well as a new coach as all previously appointed coaches, FAILED miserably, same with Mauricio!! I agree with the fans and they should be listened too a d noted.

      Im not a football experts by any means, but its pure common sense.

      Chelsea need managers like Pepi Guardola, Jurgen Klopp, to name but a couple.

  2. Poch has not done enough. Unfortunately he counts on mother luck to much. He I not a god coach. He should be let to go ad the end of the season.

  3. What was he thinking going into that game without a play maker. It is so sad a talent like murdryk has not improved under this man. He has skills and control to fit into the number 10 to replace Cole. But the lack of confidence from the coach may be his limiter. Poch went in for half time and came back worse. What is badaishile doing in the squad. He does not even deserve a bench space. Idealess and slow in reacting. For christ sake, the pair of disasi and gilchrist? When chaloba and thiago is available. Sick. Why does Caicedo have to play. Giw about Carney. To many whys.. I spared my self the agony and saw only to selection to get pissed off. Poch should just leave.

  4. The formation must be changed to 4-3-3 attack to give the players more chance to show their true quality

  5. Pochentino should be shown the exit door. No tactics, late and wrong substitution etc. Chelsea need a coach that take the team to where it belongs

  6. poch has nothing to offer.he’s so domant in substitution and tactical skill clueless,,even when he has messi,mbape and the likes he couldnt achieve anything with PSG not less chelsea….
    he should be sack alongside badshiale and dissasi ,woeful combo

  7. Pochettino is a Potter MK2 , out of his depth , technically inept . hasn’t a clue how to use his squad even allowing for injuries , doesn’t see what millions others see , same lame excuses , Chelsea’s season ended the day he walked through the door , the only way Pochettino will take his squad into Europe , is if they all go on holiday together ,

  8. The man said the old Chelsea is dead and we should not expect to be winning like before lmfao. So you disrespect Chelsea fans because your not use to winning anything by telling us that lmao get that epl trophy less guy out of here. We gonna loose much more money keeping him trust and believe

  9. Pochettino was given a chance to prove himself again in the he Premier League. In my opinion he is worse than he was years back. He was at PSG and I thought he learned and matured to lead Chelsea. He proved to be lacking the aptitude to lead Chelsea.

  10. Let poch to this Season to nexte saison , look arteta in his beginnig of his carrier as coach is the same like poch. Let him time, and we start to judge next saison

    1. No, no please, youre not a chelsea fan if you need him get more time, this man is different from Arteta, no please, he should go now, I wonder why he is still here

  11. We have always been too trigger happy to sack managers …because results have not gone the way we’d like ….zand so we sack the manager a new one comes in and we start from scratch once again …..no continuity!!!! The owners when they purchased the club wanted to start afresh with a young talented ( albeit not Premiership proven ) modelling on the Arsenal side …that being the case , no manager could have come into the breach and got them firing from the get go …..the board need to do what Arsenal did and stick with their man to carry on the work he and his back room staff have started … this Chelsea side will come good under Poch of that am certain …we need continuity as a club …time to move away from the old regime way of operating

    1. People are mentioning arsenal and arteta but then the question is has arteta and arsenal won the Premier league cos Chelsea is not a team that pretends to fight for the title only to blow it up in the last 6 games when the going gets tough, summary is I don’t think arsenal is a good comparison for Chelsea that is known for success.

  12. Pochetino has tried his best but he is not supposed to be here by now, please donot let him end season thats very far, he has poorly performed beyond, I wonder why he is still here by now

  13. Poch is aclueless coach good young team but wrong coach…a good coach don’t change a winning team…poch must go

  14. In fact, Pochittino is not the right coach to lead Chelsea into Championship.
    Chelsea of Pochittino and Potter is like creating a new football academy.

    In a game between Arsenal and Chelsea which ended 5 to 0, is likely pain me most.
    The formation is is as usual but in players, there’s something worsen in a game.
    Tiago Silva, Chalobah and Chiwil could start if other players were injured.

    Chelsea is the home for African People, the home of legendaries.
    I start supporting Chelsea since 2002 before José Morrehino’s time.

  15. Todd Borhly and his entourage knows perfectly well that ,poch is not a trophy like kind of coach. He always counts in playing fine football than to seek honours. We need trophies not applause, we are tired of always shouting blue is the colour whilst the colour is now dimmed . But yet still BLUES FOREVER.

  16. I guess Poch is the right person back on mind the players who were bought were suggested by Todd Boehly and not Poch Himself
    As a Chelsea fan am not in the right mood to speak ill about his previous games but sports world is soo unpredictable but for sure lets trust the process
    Plz follow me on Instagram @kitengela_t0xic and dm of any quizs

  17. For me Poch does not have what it take to transform these young talents in Chelsea squad to a fearful squad. My strength of understanding failed me when I saw Gilchris and Disiase in that squad that played against Arsenal. For goodness sake what were Thiego Silva and Chaloba doing on the bench. What was Chukwuemeka doing on the bench.

    Modryk was playing very poorly and he still allowed him beyond first half. Pochettino has proved time and time again that he is a coach below the standard of a team like Chelsea which are always hungry for laurels.

    I think he should just be allowed to see off the season after which the club should show him the exit door.

    I am certain that a very good coach can manufacture an enviable team in this present Chelsea squad.

  18. His spend a lot of money in this useless players that we cannot get any good result, but to be sincere striker is our big problem.

  19. As Chelsea fun am not with poch in fact since he came to the club nothing has been done ( 1) for one he hasn’t made first eleven (2) his substitute totally wrong (3) his tactics totally wrong Tuchel came in with Chelsea for the first two appearance and he managed to choose first eleven and won trophies so to me he hasn’t the real man Chelsea have quality players mid filed is ok striking canor cole Stirling Jackson and mdryk defense is ok where’s the problem

  20. Porchetino his not good in England let him leave Chelsea please we lose 5 against Arsenal bench Tiago and Chalobh no no

  21. With me,I could cleared him away he’s not trophy coach,let him get out from the club.soooo poaring coach.please chairman of the club bring intelligent coech who can make fans so intrested while watch our boys on field.

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