“Thursday nights in Magaluf” – Pundit says Chelsea want to avoid end of season scenario

As we are now into single digits in terms of games remaining in the Premier League this season, scenarios for the end of the season are really starting to come to light now as being realistic.

Chelsea’s end to the season is now going to be hugely unpredictable. If they had beaten bottom of the league Sheffield United on Sunday night then Europa League would still look like being reached if they could continue that momentum. But now, having only got a point, most fans are believing that they wont even make the Conference League!

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But do they even want to qualify for that next season, playing on Thursday nights ahead of weekend fixtures in the Premier League? One pundit believes they wouldn’t want to make it and making it would just be detrimental to what they are trying to build at the club.

Paul Merson is also a Chelsea fan, and he was quoted saying the following by Yahoo News this week.

“I think it’s going to get to a stage where they can’t want to get in the Europa Conference [League], surely.

“Why would you want to get in that on Thursday nights? Chelsea have got a squad together to go and try to win the Premier League, not play on Thursday nights in Magaluf.”

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