Top journalist says one or two more established names would help Chelsea this summer

One top journalist has suggested that the arrival of one or two more established names coming in this summer would have Chelsea going forward and achieving their goals.

This is something that many people have been saying lately, and it is also something that Mauricio Pochettino has hinted at in many public interviews lately.

Sources: Manager names on Chelsea’s shortlist to replace Mauricio Pochettino revealed!

For me it feels like he wasn’t really backed in what he asked for in the summer and January transfer windows, he was clearly seeking to add a couple of Premier League proven players to his young squad, and he has often drawn on the fact that this team is so inexperienced. I believe that he genuinely feels that if he was allowed a few more proven and experienced quality players when he asked for them, then he would be in a much better league position right now. I believe that is what he feels.

Some of the young players that have come in have been fantastic, but they lack leadership and strong mentalities, as well as proven players, and that is what Simon Johnson of The Athletic believes they need to add in the summer writing in his latest article.

Johnson says something needs to change at Chelsea after failing to take a chance to win another trophy on Saturday night by getting knocked out by Manchester City.

He writes: ‘Nobody is suggesting Chelsea should suddenly change tack by acquiring lots of players in their late twenties or early thirties on high salaries. Pochettino is not saying that either, but the arrival of one or two more established names would help.’

I fully agree with this as well and for me it’s actually a no brainer and I have no idea why they would have ignored the importance of having proven leaders in this squad rebuild.

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  1. It’s easy to agree with this sentiment. The trick is who? They have to be the right kind of players and at the right price. They need to provide leadership and be totally bought into serving this youth-oriented project.

    Rumours suggesting Harry Kane might want out of Munich, for example, make one salivate at the prospect of (a) solving our goal-scoring need, while (b) bringing a consummate professional and “team first” player into the dressing room. If the price was right it could well be worth “renting” Kane fro a couple of years to help get this group over the hump of learning how to be “winners” in the Premier League.

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