“Unfair” – Pochettino buries his head after responding to one question last night

Mauricio Pochettino has buried his head in the sand once again after responding to a question last night at the end of the 5-0 defeat to Arsenal.

The Blues had just been thrashed by The Gunners and it was a really weak display from Pochettino’s side. They were like soup, they were cut through like butter, and they were as light as lettuce.

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But somehow, Pochettino is still refusing to blame his players and deludedly is also claiming that this scoreline and performance was NOT embarrassing. I mean, it WAS embarrassing, and anyone who thinks otherwise, including you Pochettino, is fully deluded.

Pochettino was asked by reporters after the game how he felt and was he embarrassed.

He replied: “I am not going to blame the players. The circumstances are bigger than the performance here. We cannot blame young guys that came here after suffering circumstances and came here to fight against a team fighting to win the Premier League. I am not going to use a word [embarrassed] that is unfair to describe our players.”

That, quite simply, is an astonishing response. I get that you don’t want to throw your players under the bus, but at the same time the fans want accountability, they want acceptance that the players and the manager, were very poor last night whilst losing 5-0 to Arsenal. Be honest, no? The scoreline and result was embarrassing for Chelsea fans, just say that, call it how it is. You’d get a lot more respect from people if you did that.

This defeat to Arsenal was Chelsea’s heaviest London derby defeat since 1986. It’s also Arsenal’s biggest win over Chelsea in all competitions.

But that’s not embarrassing? And you don’t want to pin any blame on your players? COME ON!

We just went toe-to-toe with Manchester City and then you turn up at Arsenal and play like this? Call it how it is.


  1. This man is very stupid and should just leave Chelsea,how can Badiashile confused element start the game together with Gilchrist very useless coach

  2. Chelsea always announce season ticket prices at the end of April now told it will be after the season finishes, no doubt big price increase is coming and heard pensioner consessions to be scrapped. Not only are Boahly and bagdaddy clowns but also fucking cowards, they are killing this club.

  3. How many times does that idiot pochetino have to see Badashiel and disasi play before he realiases they are both shit, the club is rotten from top to bottom, how to ruin a club in 2 seasons

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