“Very poor” Enzo criticised after another bad showing by someone who knows him well

Nizaar Kinsella sees every Chelsea game up close, and today he wasn’t holding back in criticising one of the Blues’ players.

Pointing to some poor stats from the game, he noted that Enzo Fernandez had played badly, and that it was his second shocker in a row. In the game between those two, with Enzo rested, Chelsea won 6-0. An increasing number of fans would say that’s not a coincidence.

“Enzo Fernandez again struggled today. Fewer touches than Petrovic and Jackson, just 73.3 percent passing accuracy. Just two out of nine duels won. Follows a very poor display at Sheffield United,” the Evening Standard’s Chelsea correspondent wrote.

It was indeed another bad day at the office for the former Benfica man. He couldn’t get a grip in the game, despite a fatigued Man City in opposition. For a player supposed to come into this team and raise its level instantly, it once again felt like we would have been better off with a less talented – but more effective – player in his stead.

A growing question

It’s a shame that it’s come to this – Enzo is such a brilliant player, with really unique skills, and earlier in the year he carried team at times. But there’s no denying he now looks like a piece that doesn’t fit the jigsaw. The answer of many people would be that Enzo should be the piece that the team is built around, but he has to perform to justify that.

Long term, we’re so heavily committed to him and Moises Caicedo that the priority has to be designing everything so that they can both play as close to their best as possible.

In the short term, we’re rapidly approaching the point where a real option for seeking the best outcome in terms of a result, game to game, is leaving him on the bench.

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