(Video): “Badiashile, Disasi, Enzo…. not good players” – Chelsea stars called out for poor performances by influencer

Rory Jennings is a Chelsea commenter who regularly blames Mauricio Pochettino. He’s been on his case since the start of the season, and unfortunately is looking like he’s been proven right in his judgement.

But he doesn’t just take our his frustrations on the coach. He also is very critical of the players too. On TalkSport today he slammed a number of Blues after another poor result.

“Benoit Badiashile, not a good player. Axel Disasi, not a good player. Enzo Fernandez, not a good player.”

One felt like he could have gone on. He even claimed to not know what type of player Enzo is.

What do you think? Are these bad players or just players struggling in a team which doesn’t function? We’ve seen them all have good games – were they just the exceptions, or is there more to be unlocked by a new manager?

You can see his discussion in the clip embedded here:


  1. Badiashile should be sold,sterling sold,disasi sold,cucurella sold,caicedo benched,jackson benched. Replace these guys with quality experienced players

  2. Even you have the best player in the team they will still struggle because they are too slow in the build up to attack. Especially when Silva is playing the two defender tend to pass to him and he will pass to the other. What is the point when you have 80% of the ball when the ball is alway on your own half and forward will not able to score because the opponent are all back in their half defending. Modern game is to defend together and attack with speed.

  3. This is a perfect observation. I even pegged it at 90% ball possession is in our own half and it actually happens more when Silva is playing, though I like his sense of maturity and control of his colleagues at the back.

  4. Caicedo is the minus in chelsea squad always exposing the defense with zero interception, , , bring kante back

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