(Video): Bizarre handball-header is latest proof controversial striker is never going to be a goalscorer

Nicolas Jackson has just added to the library of bizarre moments he’s been involved in.

After missing a host of chances against Man City at the weekend we were desperate for him to do well here tonight. But he’s just handballed a header with his eyes closed rather than equalising against Arsenal. It was agonising to watch.

We do totally sympathise with those who remind us all of the great stuff he does in other parts of the game. In this first half alone he was an important outlet. There’s plenty of talk about him being raw and lacking experience, and we’re sure that playing more games will add more to his qualities.

But if you’re 22 and you’re attempting heading a ball like this, are you really going to one day develop into a top striker? We have our doubts.

You can see the moment in the clip embedded here:


  1. Sorry, but have you forgotten the “Hand of God” goal scored by one of the greatest players ever?!?!

    SuperFrank, it’s really become pathetic how you look to bend EVERYTHING to fit a few favoured narratives. Despite the stats that show Jackson has done at least as well as Didier Drogba in his first full year, and despite the fact that he’s still only 22, you proclaim that he’ll NEVER be a goal-scorer. I’d say I can’t wait to see you eat those words, but based merely on his current body of work I’d say the your meal has already begun, lol!

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