(Video): Chelsea manager’s reactions may disappoint fans again as he refuses to get passionate

Mauricio Pochettino’s Modus Operandi is keeping everyone happy and positive.

That goes for the players under his control, as well as managing up towards the owners.

Don’t rock the boat would be his motto. He’s seen so many managers sacked at Chelsea after losing the dressing room, and he’s not going to be one. So no matter how furious he might have been about some of maddening recent results, he wasn’t letting on.

Asked by Monday Night Football how he felt after two recent games where his team embarrassed themselves conceding late points, he would only say he was “in some points happy, in some points not happy.”

It’s very polite and very politically wise – but sometimes fans want to see their manager put their foot down a little and get angry, just so we know they’re feeling the pain as much as we are.

You can see his comments in the clip embedded here:

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