(Video): Chelsea players and manager embarrass themselves once again with latest childish penalty bickering

Chelsea’s win over Manchester United on Thursday was one of the most memorable games we’ve seen for years at Stamford Bridge.

The days after it should be pure joy, but there was at least one incident which left a bad taste in the mouth.

Our penalty situation should be simple – we have Cole Palmer in the team, and he never seems to miss. But instead of just making that clear, Mauricio Pochettino has allowed the players on the pitch to decide. That’s led to a number of incidents of bickering, and as it turns out there was a dispute about who should take the second penalty against United this week.

This simply cannot continue. We got lucky this time, but it’s an embarrassment every time we get a spot kick. Any player trying to take the ball off Palmer should be ashamed, and Pochettino needs to see the light as soon as possible and lay down some authority.

You can see the latest incident in the clip embedded here:


  1. Have you never played football? Poch’s approach is a common one. (And he did play at the highest level himself, so he would know!)

    Poch has said publicly that Cole is the man, so the only question I have with this scene is: “What the @&$# is Madueke thinking?” Palmer has already buried one kick from the spot and here comes Madueke (who’s been on the pitch for mere minutes) trying to take the ball off him?!?! What the hell is he thinking? It’s a total lack of respect for his teammate (Palmer) and it begs a bigger, more concerning question: What, in Madueke’s mind, does he think he’s done to earn the right to ask for the ball???? It really calls into question Madueke’s judgment, not to mention his relationship with his teammates, that he thinks it’s in anyway appropriate to ask to take that kick!

  2. The coach is weak, playing at the highest level doesn’t make one a good and strong coach,these confusions are common in all Pachettino teams, he is indecisive and timid and enjoys player support at expense of team performance,you cant do this with Mourinho teams,this explains why he isn’t a winner and can’t transmute winning mentality to the team because he lacks strong character concomitant with winners.

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