(Video): Chelsea’s poor defending excused by pundit who claims young players “don’t understand the landscape”

Simon Jordan has got so deep into defending Chelsea’s ownership that he was really left high and dry by the battering the Blues took on Tuesday night.

This meant on TalkSport he had to make excuses for the game, and had Danny Murphy on his side to do so. They both pointed to the improved results and performances of the last few months, and dismissed the result againts Arsenal as basically “just what happens against a top team.”

“Not ideal,” Murphy called it in what might be the understatement of the season.

In his usual patronising manner, Jordan decided to explain to fans who watch every game in person whether or not their assessment of the players they see in every match is wrong.

“Mentally [these young signings] are not capable of competing at certain times in the game because you’re a younger player who doesn’t understand the landscape,” he said explained.

That’s a lot of word salad to excuse some really half-arsed defending from a number of Blues. Even Mauricio Pochettino said he thought his team “gave up.”

You can see him speaking in the clip embedded here:


  1. Nobody’s take is negative enough for SuperFrank’s liking, lol! It’s all too easy to take a bad loss and try and say it defines the whole season (as SuperFrank seems inclined to do), but with no Cole Palmer or Malo Gusto and an injured Enzo, is it really that surprising that we got spanked by a really good Arsenal side? No, of course not! (And saying so doesn’t mean you have to like it.)

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