(Video): Dreadful Moises Caicedo error brings Manchester United back and kills good vibes at Chelsea

Chelsea had started messing around at 2-0 up, and from that moment we knew this was coming.

Moises Caicedo has just made a huge mistake, passing across his own box when he could have just played the ball back to his goalkeeper.

Alejandro Garnacho took advantage and run the ball into the empty Chelsea area before finishing in at Djordje Petrovic’s near post.

It’s maddening to watch, and what is worse it’s totally punctured the nice supportive atmosphere that was building at Stamford Bridge. We really hope the crowd stay with these players, who had been doing so well before this one brain fart.

But knowing what’s gone on this season, they will totally mentally collapse, as always. They’re just so fragile, and the sloppiness shown here may prove fatal.

You can see the goal in the clips embedded here:

[Footage from TNT Sport]


[Footage from Bein Sport]

[Footage from Bein Sport]

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  1. It’s a basic rule that every schoolboy with a decent coach learns—never play a square ball in that part of park! Something is badly wrong if Caicedo isn’t hearing alarm bells going off in his head before playing that ball!

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