(Video): Full video shows which Chelsea player was really the worst in penalty spat

The full footage of Chelsea’s penalty spat in the second half of today’s game are coming out, and it’s a bad look for Noni Madueke.

He and Nicolas Jackson run to grab the ball from Malo Gusto when the penalty is given. Not one thought for the team, just their own goal record.

Jackson is still a fool for getting involved in anything other than just getting the ball to Palmer, but it’s Madueke really having the mega tantrum.

Jackson won’t let it go, Thiago Silva tries to talk him down but he brushes it off. He comes back in for a third go. It’s madness.

We’re glad Pochettino is taking this so seriously, and we’re not surprised. It was worse than we had feared from the footage we got on British TV. He was seeing all this from the sideline. He can’t really drop Jackson, but Madueke must be sweating on getting a start on Saturday now.

His “children” comparison is especially accurate when you see the hissy fits being thrown out there.

You can see the incident in the clip embedded here:

[Footage from Sky Sports]

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