(Video): “How did they get away with it?” – Two pundits agree that scandalous VAR decision hurt Chelsea

We never get in too deep on defending or attacking refereeing decisions – when it’s your own club, it always comes off as sour grapes, no matter how justified it is.

So we steered clear of the handball shouts from Saturday’s game as much as possible. But when a neutral decides to back Chelsea, well, that’s a lot more convincing.

In this case it’s Jeff Stelling, who isn’t know for being exceptionally kind to the Blues. He pointed to Jack Grealish’s handball from Saturday as yet another scandalous VAR call.

“How did they get away with the non-decision for the Grealish handball? What was the VAR doing? Was he in the queue for a burger? It’s just crazy.”

Ally McCoist agreed. “That was the sort of decision VAR was supposed to be there to help with,” he pointed out.

You can see his argument in the clip embedded here:

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  1. Yeah, it’s a scandal alright. The law of the game couldn’t be clearer and VAR just decided not to apply it (perhaps fearing Pep’s ire?). Someone ought to be sacked.

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