(Video): “I am so, so upset about the situation!” – Mauricio Pochettino apologises to fans after shocking moment in big win

Mauricio Pochettino did his press conference right after his TV interview, and before any other answers he knew he was going to have to address the nonsense we saw on the pitch when his players fought over who was going to take a penalty.

As he pointed out, this is Monday Night Football, going live to the world. What kind of message does this send out? What kind of image is that to project? One of an unserious team. Let’s hope they take this message onboard, or we won’t be winning anything for a while.

You can see the Chelsea coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

We’re glad he’s taking this so seriously, and we feel a little for him. He’s been let down by some very immature players, when he should be enjoying an important win.

Let’s hope the group take this dressing down seriously. Man City are not going to be very afraid right now, as they look forward to our game on Saturday.

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  1. About the time the captain has to physically shove the other players from the spot you know you’ve got some youngsters with really, really poor judgement. It speaks poorly of their character (especially Madueke, since he’s now precipitated two of the confrontations). Hopefully their embarrassed enough after putting their manager under the spotlight (again) to wise up—Cole Palmer takes our penalties!

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