(Video): “It was almost as though…” – Sky pundit explains why and how Chelsea crumbled mentally

Stephen Warnock has been on Monday morning duty for Sky Sports all season, often with something pretty damning to say about Chelsea and their efforts over the weekend.

This week he had to explain to his fellow pundits how on Earth the Blues had managed to drop points against a dire Sheffield United team.

“They were in control of the game… then they just let Sheffield United back into it. They take their foot off the gas, they stat vacating positions, they start making pointless runs. They lose their shape and allowed Sheffield United to come back into the game,” the pundit explained.

He could have been talking about any number of games recently where we’ve started messing about the moment we have the lead, rather than finishing the job.

The pundit also noted the very obvious psychological weakness in the team which other sides keep picking up on and using to inspire them to come back:

“It was almost as though [Sheffield United] sensed that this was a vulnerable Chelsea, that there are going to be chances to afforded to you, if you can capitalise on them.”

It’s almost a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. Blues fans almost panic more when their team score, because they know they’re going to bottle it later.

You can see their discussion in the clip embedded here:

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