(Video): “It was open play” – Mauricio Pochettino defends set piece record

Mauricio Pochettino bristled a little at the suggestion that his team had conceded yet another set piece goal in their frustrating draw with Sheffield United this afternoon.

It was offered up to him on a plate to blame bad defending from set pieces, with the interviewer telling him that much in the question. But Pochettino replied with an instant “no” and insisted it was “open play” that the goal had come from.

Well that’s debateable. Certainly if the set piece had been better defended, the open play chance wouldn’t have come directly from it…

But still, it’s interesting to see he’s a little offended by the suggestion, and clearly thinks that the idea that he and his coaching staff aren’t doing a good job coaching set plays is wrong.

Sadly, the evidence is there for us all to see.

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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