(Video): Joe Cole is every Chelsea fan as he goes authentically nuts for late winner

Football, especially the content surrounding football, is full of people exaggerating their feelings for views or clicks.

There’s nothing worse than fake passion or over the top emotion from people with a vested interest.

But we all love the game because it genuinely can produce moments of pure joy, and last night was the most we’ve danced around the living room for years. You can’t hide or fake the ecstasy of real happiness in those moments, and Joe Cole is living proof.

Just look at him hopping around as the fourth goal goes in. He really means it, you can tell.

The moment is captured perfectly, with Cole then searching for his old friend Rio Ferdinand, who was on the other end of this already legendary sucker punch. Joy and then schadenfreude, it’s the full football experience wrapped up in a few seconds.

You can see the funny moment in the clip embedded here:


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  1. Couldn’t agree more. Last night gave us all at least a few (elated) moments relief from the reality that this group still has so much work to do. It’s an excellent reminder that even as we rightfully focus on areas that need improvement, it’s SO important to permit ourselves to bask in the joy of a thrilling win. If nothing else, Thursday’s finish showed that our boys have a spirit and desire that Utd didn’t/doesn’t and that bodes well for our future.

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