(Video): Mauricio Pochettino admits he wouldn’t be afraid to tell his defenders to get dirty against star player

Matt Law was doing some classic journalism in the press conference after the win over Manchester United, trying to lure Mauricio Pochettino into something headline worthy.

The Telegraph journo noted that Cole Palmer had been fouled a lot, and asked if Pochettino thought his charge was going to need some “protection” from refs. You can see that he’s trying to make Pochettino say something that can be a headline, like “Poch demands protection for star player” or “Chelsea coach moans about lack of protection for star player.” But he dodged it.

“He will get kicked now won’t he?” said Law on his second attempt to lure something defensive from the coach.

Instead, Pochettino didn’t take the bait, and took it another direction. He ended up admitting that, if his team were coming up against Palmer, he would be telling them to foul them himself.

“It’s normal… If I played against Cole Palmer I’d tell my defensive line to be tough. It’s normal.”

It’s nice to see a manager being real about these things for once.

You can see Pochettino speaking in the clip embedded here:

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