(Video): Mauricio Pochettino responds to question about whether his sporting directors have bought him a soft squad

Neil Barnett once again asked the most cutting question of Chelsea’s post-match press conference after the game last night.

He asked whether the manager had been given a squad which didn’t like “scrapping,” something which is putting very mildly the total lack of bottle his group shows at times.

Sadly, as always, the coach dodged the question. He just waffled on about other things, understandably not taking the chance to swipe at his bosses for handing him a cowardly and callow group who aren’t able to compete even against by far the worst team in the league this season.

He’s always saying his players need to “compete,” but they so rarely do. Perhaps that’s a coded message from him pointing out he’s been given a bad hand?

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here:

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