(Video): “People like me might be right!” – Pundit tries to claim credit for backing Chelsea ownership

Simon Jordan has been a big defender of Chelsea’s new ownership since they bought the club.

They’ve taken a lot of flak, and Jordan has been there standing up for them. On Talksport this morning he was eager to point out that fact, noting an impressive win on Monday night.

After one game, the big-mouthed pundit was already taking credit, jabbing a finger in his own direction and saying that “people like ME, might be right” about the whole situation at the club.

Hold on a second now Simon. You can take your victory laps when we’re back in the top 4. As it stands, we’ve had one good win over an Everton team you yourself called “hapless”, and still sit in mid table obscurity with a poorly planned squad and a vast debt weighing us down.

We wouldn’t say we’re ready to hand out any credit just yet.

You can see their debate in the clip embedded here:

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  1. So, Simon Jordan wants to take/give TOO MUCH credit, but you, SuperFrank, give far TOO LITTLE! I agree that there’s still plenty of work to be done, but you’ve maligned Boehly & Co non-stop for nearly two years and seem to begrudge them any credit whatsoever for the strides we’ve seen over the last couple of months. You’ve shown time and again that you’ve never bothered to study what Boehly did with the Los Angeles Dodgers and so you’ve repeatedly rushed to judge the current project without the appropriate sense of context (i.e., “rebuilds” take time). It seems you’re just too busy feeding the angry mob red meat with you’re all-too-predictable clickbait to take a step back now and understand that Simon Jordan isn’t ENTIRELY wrong and that Boehly & Co’s project is not at all the failure you regularly make it out to be. But maybe “do your homework” is asking too much when it’s just so easy to exist in an echo chamber of disaffection and vitriol.

    So, go ahead if you must and keep maligning Simon Jordan and the ownership without giving them even the slightest due. It says more about you than it does about them.

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