(Video): “The fans do want it to work” – Nizaar Kinsella says fans still back new ownership

Nizaar Kinsella went on the Caughtoffside podcast yesterday to discuss the situation at Chelsea, where tensions are growing every week. He covered a few topics with fellow journalist Ben Jacobs.

The most interesting part was when he was asked about the fanbase and its backlash against the owners in recent times. He’s a good person to ask, because he’s covered Chelsea for years without actually being a fan, so he has a good perspective.

He said that he understood the frustrations, and insisted that the “fans do want [the new ownership] to work.”

They are, as he added, just frustrated by a series of very valid complaints. The abuse towards the players he gave more of an opinion on, saying that angry supporters could “lay off a little.” Raheem Sterling and Nicolas Jack

You can see Kinsella make his point in the clip embedded here, with this clip coming after 38 minutes:

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