(Video): Touching moment 100 year old Chelsea fan is given special message from his favourite manager

Legendary Chelsea fans Alf Wells has just had his 100th birthday. And Sky Sports arranged something pretty incredible for him.

They got two time former Blues manager – reportedly Alf’s favourite from his century supporting the club – Jose Mourinho to send a very special message.

It’s a touching clip, and a welcome reminder of how pleasant and positive an impact a club can have. Given the struggles the current ownership are having to get the fans onside, this should be pointing them in the right direction.

They need to build connections with the fans, and they need to pick managers who are able to do the same. There is a long way to go before we get back to the kind of unique, special connection that Mourinho had with supporters and his players, but they have to start somewhere – and the sooner the better.

You can see him speaking in the clip embedded here:

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