(Video): Two Chelsea players embarrass themselves with more penalty chaos

Chelsea are 5-0 up, and yet somehow totally embarrassing themselves.

They just earned a penalty which Cole Palmer was ready to step up and take. Instead, Noni Madueke and Nicolas Jackson squabbled over it. And it wasn’t a momentary thing, they had to be separated by teammates and carried on for some time.

It was like watching some 9 year olds on the playground.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, this isn’t even the second or third time this has happened. It’s happening every week because for some reason our manager has decided he doesn’t want to nominate a permanent penalty taker.

That was a stupid idea in August, and we’re now in April. This farce is more embarrassing than some of the bad results we’ve had this season. Mauricio Pochettino should not be in this job if he can’t control his players on even the most basic level.

You can see the incident in the clips embedded here:

[Footage from Sky Sports]

[Footage from Sky Sports]

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