(Video): “What the hell are they doing?” – Former Chelsea compares his old club to watching children

Former Chelsea defender Frank Leboeuf missed the coverage of his old team’s battering on Tuesday night, so they gave him another chance to vent today. He didn’t disappoint, comparing some of the players in the 5-0 defeat to some of the kids his young children play with:

“It’s like when you take your son to football on a Sunday morning. And you see all the kids making mistakes… sometimes it was that. Really. From Chelsea. I was thinking ‘what are you doing? How can you make that mistake at that level?'”

He’s not holding back, nor should he be. He was one of the few sceptics who criticised this ownership from the start.

Too many reporters in the UK know they’re depending on good relations with them to get briefings on things. Leboeuf isn’t worried about that, and accordingly he tells it like it is.

You can see Leboeuf speaking in the clip embedded here:


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