“Wall of silence” – Chelsea’s sold superstars keeping quiet about Stamford Bridge hell, for now

Like a few other journalists, Nizaar Kinsella has chosen the obvious angle for his piece on the Chelsea – Manchester United game tonight: the return of Mason Mount to his old team.

This week has seen a ramping up of the PR war that has been going on for well over a year, since it became clear that the midfielder would be leaving. Did he jump or was he pushed? Both Mount and those at Chelsea are pushing their story hard.

As Kinsella points out, Mount is in a hard position now. He’s clearly desperate to make sure Chelsea fans know he didn’t want to leave, yet at the same time that chapter is closed, and his focus has to be on making a career at Manchester United. He doesn’t want to jeopardise his relationship with their fans in the interest of making peace with Chelsea.

To that end, he’s not spoken too openly either way since making the move last summer. But is that just Mount, or is there something of a trend among the whole group who were sold last summer? Kinsella notes that there is a “wall of silence” which is true not only of Mount, but also Mateo Kovacic, Kai Havertz and other first team departures like Christian Pulisic.

We’re sure it’s just a matter of time before some of them start speaking more openly about the catastrophe which unfolded last season. But we wouldn’t count on Mount doing it anytime soon, as he continues spinning plates.

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