“Watching kids” – Former Chelsea boss says current team is ’embarrassing’ and lacks ‘quality’

One former Chelsea manager has gone in on the current players, manager, and board at the club after watching them go out of the FA Cup at the weekend.

Everyone has had an opinion on Chelsea this season, some positive, but many negative. At the very least, Chelsea have been very inconsistent this season and there has been some terrible performances, there are no two ways about that. There has also been some good performances too, and ironically, even though we lost, I thought the FA Cup game against Manchester City on Saturday was one of those. In fact, all three of our games against City this season have been decent performances.

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But there has been some bad ones too.

And former Chelsea boss Ruud Gullit has not been impressed, and was even more unimpressed when he watched the players fight over who was going to take a penalty against Everton last week.

In an interview with The Sun, Gullit said:

“When I watch this Chelsea, it is not going to work.

“They signed too many players and it is a mess.

“When you bring in so many new players like that, it’s almost impossible.

“But Pochettino knew this was the case when he took the job. So he has to take responsibility for that.

“Do I blame him? No. But he is responsible for it.

“There really is a lack of quality.

“You see that in the important moments, when the pressure is on.

“Then they can’t pass the ball quickly enough, taking an extra touch every time, so that it’s too late when they finally play the pass.

“Too often, they don’t seem to see the danger from the opponents. You have to see them coming and make that pass early.

“But if you keep on taking the extra touch, that chance is gone – and that is a lack of quality.

“If there was a moment when they could beat City, it was on Saturday, because you could see they were f*****, they were gone.

“They were making mistakes they wouldn’t normally make because they were tired.

“And if you are Chelsea and you can’t take advantage of that – my God! It was horrible.

Gullit was dismayed by Mykhailo Mudryk’s overshot free kick deep into stoppage time, asking: “How was it possible he could do it that badly?

“Of course it p***** off the Chelsea fans. And I think you have to name it as it is, to tell the truth.

“Because if you go around it and make excuses, that’s no good. You have to say it’s a lack of quality and and then they know it.

“They can be p***** off with it but this is what people think. Then they can work on it. They can do something about it.

“So that was bad enough but it was off the back of what we saw in the Everton game, the fight over the penalty.

“It was like watching kids, children. In a proper team that doesn’t happen. It’s embarrassing.

For Pochettino it’s embarrassing. For the board, it’s embarrassing.

“Can you imagine me having a fight with Marco van Basten, on the pitch? That’s crazy? Or someone at United having a fight with Roy Keane?

“What are you doing? Ridiculous.

“And they ALL think they are better than they are. And that’s the worst thing of all. They have too many players who think they are better than they really are.”

Gulllit has also recently praised former Blues manager Jose Mourinho and says he’s still got it!

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