What Chelsea did well “in particular” according to their newest goalscorer

Alfie Gilchrist is so beloved by Chelsea fans he managed to steal a sliver of Cole Palmer’s spotlight last night by smashing in a late goal to make it 6-0.

His previous cameos have been more notable for crunching tackles and putting his body on the line to make massive blocks. It was great to see him go to the next level with a goal last night, but that feels like it will be a rarity compared to seeing him getting major cheers from the fans for clattering an opposition player when his own team needs a lift.

He spoke to the Chelsea website today about his thoughts on the game and what his team had done well:

“Seeing the boys out there battling, that’s how we need to be. For me to come on and score, that topped it off,” the defender said.

“We did great in all areas of the game. I thought we battled well, in particular, and we need to carry on like that.”

What he’s saying, basically, is that it was nice to see his team being a bit more Gilchrist about the whole thing…

Defender practices what he preaches

One thing you know you’ll always get with Gilchrist is “battling,” and it’s no surprise he mentioned it multiple times in his comments. So often he must be itching with frustration sitting on the bench while watching his colleagues put in a half hearted effort out on the pitch. It’s no wonder he always arrives in the action like a coiled spring, usually with 85 minutes of anticipation bottled up inside him.

What we definitely don’t want to see more of is the type of “battling” which saw two Chelsea players competing to take a penalty in the second half. We’ve got our work cut out against the opposition, there’s no need to make things even harder for ourselves.

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