“What Cole Palmer is very good at is…” – Ex-Chelsea player compares their young star to Wayne Rooney

Poor Mario Melchiot is a lovely and very positive guy, so this season his work for ESPN must have been a slog.

Every week he’s called up to talk about the Blues, and more often than not he’s being critical of a shocking showing from his old team.

But today he got something different – a chance to praise them.

Of course top of his list was Cole Palmer after a stunning showing, and Melchiot had the chance to explain a little about what is separating the former Man City man from his rivals. As the ex-Blue said, it’s not just the tricks and flicks, they’re just a bonus. What really makes him special is his understanding of the game, which is so advanced for someone of his age.

That understanding enables him to find space, and that space gives him time. Combine that time with his technique and it’s no surprise you’ve got goals and assists raining down.

“What Cole Palmer is very good at [is this]. Sometimes you see young talents and they can see things in advance. Normally you have to wait until you’re older. Wayne Rooney is a great example – they’re young but they pick up the ball in areas you don’t expect it. Palmer picks up the ball and his mindset is already two steps ahead… I think some people think it’s about tricks or this or that. It’s about playing simple and knowing exactly what you’re going to do in your next step. ”

You can see Melchiot speaking in the clip embedded here, with these quotes coming after 6 minutes:

Wayne Rooney comparisons

Being compared to Wayne Rooney is hugely flattering – let’s hope Palmer ends up with a trophy cabinet as stuffed as the former Man U and England star.

We love watching him flit between the lines, and while he’s not got the brute force that a teenage Rooney had, he certainly appears to have the same eye for goal.

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