“Where was he” – Chelsea legend questions existence of current player last night

A Chelsea legend has questioned the existence of one current player after he seemed to be invisible last night during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Aston Villa.

It was a hard fought point for Chelsea and pretty much every player played well to earn it. There was one player though who is drawing perhaps more criticism again than other players who played last night, and that is winger Mykhailo Mudryk.

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The Ukrainian international has been struggling since the day he arrived at the last last January, and he has not proven to be anywhere near as good as his price tag suggests and how much Chelsea hyped him up when they signed him like he was the next Eden Hazard.

He’s shown some real glimpses of promise, but more often than not he is a passenger in games and just ghosts along in them. His football intelligence lacks and he also plays without confidence.

Blues legend Frank Leboeuf replied, ‘where was he’ when asked about Mudryk’s performance last night, and he was one of many pundits who has not been impressed at all.

“He seems to have no clue how football can be played together with all his teammates,” Leboeuf said whilst analysing the game on ESPN last night.

Chelsea will be hoping that Mudryk steps up soon and really starts to show why they paid so much money to sign him. As I say, anyone can see the talent there in moments, but he’s just not clever enough with the ball and even without it right now and if it wasn’t for his electric pace, he really wouldn’t have much at all to offer. I hope and I am sure he gets better and really starts to show why Chelsea got ahead of Arsenal to sign him last winter, but we’re yet to see anything close to a top player yet.



  1. Honestly this is stupid, are you watching these games? Mydryk is a good player the only problem is the team, they don’t use both wings the right wing is used more often and you should check that out ….. the whole squad isn’t a team yet, but they have shown signs of being greater, give them time and leave the current coach on the seat and you will all be shocked.

    Stupid article

  2. Leboeuf puts it as simply as it can be said—Mudryk doesn’t know how football can be played with his teammates. It’s actually amazing that he’s made it to this level with such a low football IQ, and it speaks to a system that drools over his with pace and power while (apparently) turning a blind eye to his, dare we call it, childlike understanding of the game.

    Perhaps he can still be taught, but only if he really digs in and decides to become a “student.” Thus far there’s been little evidence of this, and, instead, we hear he’s a gym rat (a trait that would laudable in nearly any other player who wasn’t in such dire need of remedial instruction in how to move without the ball and create and exploit space). At a very minimum, you’d think the coaching staff would be working with him on making runs in behind (a fairly basic concept), but I’m not sure there’s been any evidence of this to date.

    1. Don’t blame mudryk, blame the dumb coaching crew and the clueless manager with his senseless setup. Mudryk will be fire under a good coach.

  3. An Arsenal fan here…

    Mudryk at Shaktar Donesk was an explosive player who attacked defences with his pace, guile and skills. He showed greater potentials more than our Gabriel Martinelli and reminded me, in one of his videos, of a younger Garrett Bale.

    He not only would have made a perfect fit for the system Arteta was building at Arsenal, but just like Odeegard, Martinelli, Saka and Havertz, he would have turned out a roaring success under the intelligent and skilful Arteta. He would no doubt be banging in 15 – 20 Premier League goals a season.

    But alas, he signed up with the greedy Chelsea who had and still had no direction and proper manager, and what he has become is the result of that.

    The same issue is happening with Caicedo, Madueke and a couple of stars Chelsea bought. Same will happen to Oshimen if he too make the mistake of signing for Chelsea..

    So you guys should just stop blaming Mudryk. Blame your owner manager and your entire set-up instead.

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