Why being out of €120m striker race could be a good thing for struggling Chelsea

Caughtoffside are reporting major advancements in the endless Victor Osimhen transfer story.

It seems that after a long period of deciding, PSG are going to trigger the forward’s €120m transfer release clause and bring the Napoli striker to Paris.

With Kylian Mbappe on the way out, PSG are not only looking to add goals to the team, they’re looking to make a splash in the transfer market and show they’re still top of the pile when they want to be. Osimhen has 74 goals in 129 games for Napoli, and one imagines he could score even more in PSG’s dominant team which tends to crush all opposition in Ligue 1.

For Chelsea, it means a top tier option off the table, one who many fans have been dreaming about for a long time as the all round striker who could finally fix their ongoing goalscoring problems.

Looking for the positives

Osimhen is not the perfect player, but in a global market starved of good number 9s, he’s about as good as they come, at least in terms of players who are actually available. The fact we’re going to miss out on him is disappointing, but there is some benefit to finding out early.

A year ago we felt like favourites to sign Osimhen as soon as we could get into gear and raise the money. But after another year of prodigious spending and another year of sliding down the league table, we feel very much like second choice (at best).

At least this way we know for sure he’s off the table, and can start moving down our list of alternatives. There are other good players out there, and many of them won’t cost the sort of money Osimhen would.

Who knows, maybe PSG will even sell us one of the two strikers they bought last summer?


  1. Why looking for cheap article and inexperienced children? Football is played by a mix of young and experience. Not all these mediocre without a confirmed Leader.

  2. Looking at Chelsea’s current squad. Osimehin would be a great add to the team. This isn’t about the cost of the player, it’s about what Osimehin can do. He can make it anywhere he goes.

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