$108m flop is playing his way out of Chelsea plans while his teammate plays his way in

Despite how it has felt at times this year, Chelsea have a lot of talented attacking players competing for minutes.

Cole Palmer wants to play on the right, Raheem Sterling is on massive wages and going nowhere. Nicolas Jackson has made the striker role his own (and looks even better on the left wing). Noni Madueke is finally finding his feet out wide. Christopher Nkunku should be a game changer when he’s back.

And all of that is before you consider the sensational talent we’ve got in the academy, or out on loan, or who could be bought this summer.

One person has been left out – Mykhailo Mudryk These last few weeks have not been kind to him. In almost the exact same fashion that Madueke took his run of games in the team and made it work for him, Mudryk has done the opposite.

Mauricio Pochettino escorts Mykhailo Mudryk off the pitch.

Two trains heading in opposite directions

With options limited due to injury in the rest of the team, the pair have started consistently out wide, each in their favoured role. While Madueke has taken a major leap forward, Mudryk made little of the opportunities, and his run of games has only served to convince most people further that he’s just not up to it – perhaps not now, perhaps not ever.

The team has clicked into gear and has finally been scoring. But in his run of 7 starts, Mudryk has one goal and a lot of long stretches of total ineffectiveness.

The amount of money invested in him makes it hard for the club to do anything other than keep trying, but under normal circumstances once feels he would be far from the first team, despite the occasional glimpse of his ability.

Ask yourself – if Mudryk had cost £10m rather than £100m, would he be in the team? Or would he be at Strasbourg on loan?

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  1. Mudryk was always a developmental project from the start, but if anyone can coach up the youngster it’s Poch. However, even with coaching, one needs minutes to apply it. Mudryk should’ve gone out on loan at season’s start. It’s not his fault the club payed so much for him…

    1. Mudryk lacks close control unlike Hazard often losing possession of the ball. He’s good on through ball though because of his pace. Many parts of his game still lacking though, maybe it’s between the ears that needs assistance. It’s been a long wait for him to come good to be honest.

  2. That’s what happens when money becomes the deciding factor. It kills talent and destroys the love of the beautiful game. The lad has talent, Chelsea’s system of play doesn’t suit him. Take for example, Kai Harvets, same player different team with superior tactical approach… he is thriving

  3. SuperFrank, I agonised over this expensive player, and his seeming lack of basic striker skills, for a long time.
    However, over the last few games, I saw Jim in a different role: winning the ball, mostly on the left, and then taking it up at great speed, setting the forwards up to score! Same with Cucurella. I see him more in a defensive midfield role, while playing from the left-back. He makes runs, wins balls, and sets his flyers on runs, threatening to score, if not scoring. We have clean sheets to show, and goals galore. I foresee coach building further on such expanded roles for other players with skills outside their usual positions. And I’m happy with it! Look where we’re heading!

    1. I totally agree with you
      Chelsea has a crop of talented players all they need is cohesion and belief in themselves.
      See what Arteta did with Arsenal.
      Even all those periods when they went 8th, 8th, 5th, it was clear to see what Arteta was trying to build. It was just unfortunate he didn’t have squad depth so by the second half of the season, the lads would have been run ragged. Also he needed to clear the deadwood and solidify the defence. And every year, one could see the progress. The new season was always better than the previous one
      I believe Chelsea can replicate that.
      Oh and I am an Arsenal fan if you wey wondering.

  4. Headline says dollars. To get to pounda roughly divide by 5 multiple by 4 gives £80m

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